Lunch Room News:  Liberty, Victory, and Legacy Charter Schools now have a website,, where you can set up an account to check the balance, and transactions of your students’ lunch account. The website does not allow you to make payments on line as of yet. Go to, to set up your account. Victory is listed under Liberty Charter School. The option to select Victory will appear when you link your student.  You will need to link your student using their pin #, which is the same as their # for the lunch room. If your child does not know their number, call the front office for your student’s pin #. Please be patient since this is a new program and there will be a period of trial and error. The USDA will no longer let us write on the student’s hands, tell them they are running out of money, or let them look at the monitor to check their balance, so it is very important that the parent checks regularly for their child’s balance.

Double click the menu below and when it expands you may print or save it to your own system

2014-2015 Lunch Prices


Grades 1 through 6:  $1.95

Grades 7 through 12:  $2.15

Adults  $3.55

Milk $.35

Students also have the option to purchase extra treats after they have eaten their lunch.































Federal Free and Reduced Lunch applications are in enrollment packets. You need to re-apply each year.  If you were enrolled at another school, you need to re-apply.  If you were enrolled in the previous year, students will receive benefits for a two week grace period until new applications can be processed.   If at any time during the school year your situation has changed and you wish to re-apply for enrollment in this program, applications are in the school office.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If a day’s lunch menu includes peanut butter and jelly, substitute  “cheese sandwich”.  Our menus are used by three schools.   Students should not bring lunches or snacks containing peanuts or peanut products to school.